The Stillness in the Silence

I used to be in a season where I was always on the go. If I was on the train, I was sending out emails. If I was underground and did not have internet to send emails, I update my to-do list or read a book.

If I wasn’t sleeping, I would be working and if I wasn’t working, my hands were itching to get things done and finish everything I set out to do. But it all changes when my family and I go to India. When we go to my grandma’s house, it’s the land of no internet. Everything slows down and eventually comes to a screeching halt. It’s the season where God gives me no option but to slow down.

It’s the season where I give myself a reset and remind my soul that in the midst of my never ending to-do lists and dreams, I need to slow down and be still. Be still in the presence of the Lord, be still and be in awe of my King, be still and listen to God. See, when we buzz around being a busy bee, we run the risk of doing everything in our own strength and not enquiring of the Lord of what he thinks. We also run the risk of not allowing God to bring up the problem areas of our lives.

So, every year, when I sit in the garden in Kerala, India, listening to the sound of nature, I realised that being still does not have to be a gruelling task where you spend an hour in complete silence in a dark room waiting for a bright light. It can be as simple as meditating on a scripture as you wait for the bus, it can be as therapeutic as drawing out a scene from the bible or writing a poem based on what you read. It can be as fun as recording a voice note with what God has been telling you about. If you struggle with being still and sitting still (I tend to have some of the best time with Jesus as I walk home, I belt out some good praise worship songs and then I say ‘speak Lord, your servant is listening’. (Most of time, I end up talking, a fair amount.) 

Friend, I got to confess, I do not like the silence or being still. I recognised it was a problem when I noticed that I was filling the silence with TV, music, Netflix and then a little bit more TV. See it was then I realised that my issue wasn’t with slowing down, it was a symptom of not wanting to face the music, it was a symptom of hating the silence. It was a symptom of running away from fixing myself.

The stillness in the silence.png

Since then, I’ve had to make a few changes. I made sure that my Netflix time was massively reduced. I made sure to give myself space and time during the day where I learn to get comfortable in the silence, learn to expectantly hear God speak – even if it’s to discipline me. In the moment of the silence, there is a stillness that soothes your soul. If you are in the season of learning to be comfortable in the silence or being still with the Lord, I’d love to pray for you:

Father God, we thank you for you are such a loving father who loves us so much. Lord, help us to slow down and linger a little longer in your presence. Lord, we pray that you teach us and help us to be comfortable in that silence and become still, to feel you and allow you to wash over us today. Lord, we surrender it all and invite you to come into this place. We love your Lord. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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