Seeking God at the Crossroad

Have you made a decision yet?

What’s your choice then?

What’s next?

Would you like to work for us?

Or would you like to do this project?


I don’t know, how familiar these words feel for you right now, but I can assure you that they sound so familiar to me. It is not always easy knowing what direction to take, or what adventure to embark on next, right? I hear you.

You know who else hears you? God. He hears us trying to make sense of our thoughts, or when we’re discussing with friends and He definitely hears us when we bring it all to him in prayer. But the question is, are we listening to Him?

As I ask you that question, it is a question I had to ask myself. It’s easy when faced with a crossroad to want to go back to being the driver of the car – the car symbolising life. It is easy to take control of the wheel. But when we stop. Allow God into our silence – sometimes He tells us exactly what we need to do.

A few years ago, I was an intern for my church and I had to attend a teaching program – one session, the lady bought it in rocks and told each of us to take a rock! She said that holding the rock can sometimes help with concentration. Because it’s not always easy to sit in silence.

We start thinking about the most random things, right? I’ve been there.  

Seeking God at a.png

I also truly believe that God understands that He speaks to you in different ways. I always pray a prayer of “open my eyes to reveal something new, open my ears to listen and open my heart to receive.” Sometimes, the very thing that God wants to tell you is staring you in the face and other times it’s because we haven’t looked upon it yet.

Almighty God, I pray now that you reveal something afresh to us as we begin to listen to you. I pray that you open our eyes to reveal something new, open our ears to listen to what you may be telling us and open our hearts receive the calling you have upon our lives. In Jesus’ mighty name, amen!