Fear Killing Creativity

From as old as I can remember, I’ve always been writing. My earliest memory of writing was when I was in school in India. I wrote something about my cousin and it was published in our school magazine. My dad got me a really cool ink pen which started my love for stationary.

Years later, I wrote about the plight of child soldiers for a writing competition that reminded me again how much I love writing. But somewhere between there and adulthood, fear managed to taint my creativity.

I became hesitant to write, I became nervous to own my writing and I started to play it safe - I wrote about what I thought people wanted to read rather than what I wanted to write. The only place where I wrote without any fear or reservation was for my secret blog. I wrote about God, my reflections, and my life.

One thing I wrote about was this anonymous quote I found: God gifted you with talent. What you do with the talent is your gift to God.

It blew me away and it got me thinking about creativity and God.

Fear killing creativity.png

I am always in awe of creativity in the Bible – David creating the Psalms, Solomon building the temple and the ultimate creator or all – God who created you and me. The God who created you and me also sparks creativity in you and me. In Exodus, there is a detailed account of creation of the Tabernacle and it says in Exodus 35: 31-32: ‘and he has filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills – to make artistic design for work in gold, silver and bronze.  

God living with us is all the creative juice that we need. The same God who created the the bees and the zebras lives within us and can sustain any creative task that we undertake.

Erwin McManus in his book The Artisan Soul wrote ‘the creative act is inherently an act of courage…it is only when we find the courage to create that we are freed from those fear and darkness’. I realised that fearlessly creating is an act of worship and giving myself as a living sacrifice; praising Him for blessing me with this gift if God gave me this talent 

I was reminded of my purpose for writing that shouted louder than the lies of fear. See, my fear kept telling me that I wasn’t a good enough writer and no one will read what I have to say. I had to tell myself - if God gave me this talent, then it’ll sustain the weight and topic of what I want to write about. Even if no one reads it, that’s okay because God read it even before I formed the sentences and if only one person read it, then that’s more than enough.

My dear friend, let me ask you – are you holding yourself back creatively? If you are, is it because of fear? If it is, let me pray for you: 

Father, I thank you so much that You are a creative God and You have passed on this creative gene to Your children. Lord, I pray for us as we take baby steps to become more creative and be bold in our creativity. May we own every creative decision and may we celebrate our creativity. I pray for the lies of fear to dissolve as your creativity flows strongly within us. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.