Soul Ties: Freedom in Christ through Community

What does freedom mean?

For me, freedom is not being controlled by a habit/pattern of behaviour. Or its the ability to make a choice, thats not enforced on you by an outside opinion. Freedom is knowing when a set of actions or a relationship won’t benefit you, and being able to say “I’m good, I don’t need that since it ultimately doesn’t bring me closer to Jesus.”

While I was writing this, I knew there are areas in my life that are still waiting on freedom. What I’ve realized is that freedom is best fought for in a community of believers that ask us how we’re doing in our battles, check up on us and pray for and with us.

Last week, Linu wrote about removing objects from our lives that remind us of a past relationship. The more I thought about this, I realized how large an impact objects, people and outside factors have on us. This same line of thought led me to think about how our freedom from a soul tie isn’t just rooted in a one time decision that we make. Freedom is a daily decision we have to make. Friend, making this daily decision to pursue freedom through Jesus may be easy some days but there are definitely days when this can be very hard. I’ll be praying for you to step out in faith and seek support from your pastors, mentors, parents and friends.

Occasionally, people like to throw phases around and they’ll say things like “name it and claim it”. This sounds pretty great, but doesn’t actually do much for us, especially if we feel trapped in a relationship or friendship that is harmful to us and also not glorifying God. Just waking up tomorrow and deciding that “ from today I no longer have a soul tie” is the first key step, however we need to use every resource God gives us. The first resource we get, is God Himself! The best place to start is to repent of the soul tie, give it to God and ask Him to heal us from any heart wounds it caused us, or those involved. Don’t be frustrated if this process takes a while. Just because your situation or circumstances don’t change over night, doesn’t mean that God isn’t working!

God promises us himself, and he promises to meet us in our bondages. When Jesus walked on Earth He made it a point to always minister and seek the company of people that really needed his help. These were people with soul ties such as the woman at the well, who had 5 ex-husbands and was living with a 6th man! While her village made an outcast of her, Jesus didn’t care. He talked to her and ministered to her soul that had accumulated so many scars and bruises over the years. He declared that He is the living water. He knew that her soul thirsted for something greater than searching for fulfilment in a relationship. He knew that she needed fulfilment in her soul that only He could provide.

The second part of finding freedom is that we were created to be in community. You can be another sisters greatest support or if you are struggling to break free from bondages, I pray that you can find someone to trust in a community of believing women.

1 Thessalonians 5:14 says “And we urge you, brothers and sister, warn those who are idle and disruptive, encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone.”

Being in community is such a large part of being set free from a relationship tie that holds us back in areas of our life. As I was thinking of how my closest friends point me in the direction of Jesus and support me in pursuing freedom, I thought of my recent run.

Going on a run gives me a thrill. On top of that, being a biology major in University, I loved learning about respiration and how aerobic respiration in our cells switches over to anaerobic respiration after running for a while. Then in comes the production of lactic acid that makes you feel sore the next morning. Last week, I went on a run with my cousin and instead of running at a steady pace, I sprinted down a hill. A few minutes later on the way up, I had to stop to catch my breath and had no more motivation or energy left to continue. Then my cousin started pushing me up the hill from behind and encouraging me not to stop or give up. This is what community is about. When we feel like we’re done and can’t keep going, they say yes you can and I’m here to push you on. Throughout the rest of my run, my cousin would check on me to see how I was doing. He would run behind me or beside me, switching sides, but never in front of me with out looking back to see how I was doing. Community is about going alongside each other.

While I don’t have the exact answers on how to seek freedom in every situation, turning to Jesus first and then making sure you have a community of women praying over you and supporting you will help you go a long way. Remember that freedom is possible and Jesus changes, heals and restores our hearts even today.

Father, I pray for every woman stuck in a soul tie today. I pray for freedom, restoration and joy in her life. May you be her greatest joy that overpowers and heals the hurts accumulated in her life. I ask that she would become a woman that has unbreakable strong trust in you. If you are calling her to leave behind a relationship or friendship that leads her away from you, give her the strength to make that decision and follow through with it. Lord, bless her with a strong community women who she can go to for advice, lean on, enjoy laughs with and build solid friendships. Amen!

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