Only Jesus Matters

At the end of the day, only Jesus matters.

I might be biased but I think I’m a really busy person. You would probably also say that you’re a busy person. Between school, family, church, work etc. there’s a lot of things to get done so that I don’t fall behind and then feel super frustrated.

One idea I was challenged with on Sunday at church was this: How will you react when you hit a crisis in your life?

Will you react like Peter did when the servant girl asked him if he knew Jesus (Luke 22:54-62)? Peter said: No I don’t know who Jesus is, I really have no idea. And then he did this two more times.

How will you react when a friend asks you about your views on life, morality or Jesus? Will you shyly mumble something about going to church or will you boldly say yeah I know Jesus, I meet with Him often in prayer and want to honour Him with my life.

I was really convicted hard today, there are days when I don’t meet with Jesus. There are so many reason why you or I miss out on precious time that could be spent with Him. Part of this is due to what I call busyness (but its actually lack of time management), some of it can be shame as I try to run from God and avoid him because of sin (again, this doesn’t work), a cold heart or attitude that develops over time, or thinking I can do without him today. All really bad reasons for not meeting with Him. The Lord says to come to Him always and with everything, not only if you meet criteria x, y and z.

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Back to the idea of crisis. We need to be ready and bold to proclaim, that at the end of our day, only Jesus matters. One idea that a friend shared with me, was spending a whole day with Jesus. Call it a date with Jesus or a day of quietness, but its going to be special. Since its my reading week right now, I decided to have a “Jesus Day”.

Here are a few ideas, if you want to do something similar too:

1) Find a coffee shop or a place that makes you feel safe, quite and comfortable

2) Find an author that is well known, has a solid understanding of God and His character and read one of his/her books.

3) Pick a book of the Bible that you have never read or don’t read often, and spend time reading through it.

4) Bring a paper/pen with you and write down parts that stick out to you, parts that convict you, parts that you need clarification on, or parts that you want to know more about.

5) Read that book of the Bible and then read an explanation about it. Ask the Holy Spirit to clarify or bring to light parts which are giving direct advice, guidance and wisdom for your life. Cultivate a heart of hunger for understanding Gods word in depth.

6) Pray about a specific worry you have right now, or something going on in your life that you have a hard time trusting God with.

In the same way that Peter was in a moment of crisis and denied Jesus (his life was at risk & he though he might be crucified too), we will also experience crisis moments of various kinds in our life. If we’re not prepared to stand up for what we believe in, stand strong in the face of temptation or have solid faith when faced with a trial (death, illness etc.) life will toss us around and we’ll feel like we’re sinking in quick sand.

Prioritizing spending time with the Lord on a regular basis or setting a large amount of time aside for Him once in a while, will refresh our souls but also make us ready to deal with obstacles, pain and trials that we didn’t anticipate coming.

Jesus, my life is busy but I want more of you. Help me remember one thing: that only you matter at the end of the day. Help me remember that you are the giver of all good things, even in the midst of trials your character stays the same. What you say will happen, happens. Who you say we are, we are. You call me loved, valuable and worth it to die for. So you died for me and for everyone else, too. Lord, help me learn the discipline of time management as I work toward making you first in my life. Help me turn to you first in everything, so that when crisis hits you are my mountain to stand on and I will not be shaken up. Amen.

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