How to keep track of your prayers.

Have you ever reached a place in your prayer journey, where you begin to think - have my prayers actually been answered? Or, what did I pray for again? If you’re like me then I know I’ve said prayers, PLENTY of prayers and I know that God has heard them all.

But I began to realise, I never actually had a full grasp on my prayers, I couldnt sometimes remember what I had prayed for but another thing I wanted to know was had they been answered? The only way I was going to be able to remember and see how God had been moving in my life was if I began to track down my prayers.

So that’s exactly what I did.

Now, I am a firm believer that God grants our wishes - if it aligns with His will for our lives. Here are a couple of tips - and I’d love to know what your tips are especially if it’s not included in the list below!

Tip 1: Journalling

As I began to journal - I made a specific page that’s entitled “And God spoke…” On this page, I would write down everything that I’ve prayed and as the page filled - I will continue to make new pages of prayers. And I began to put the dates underneath each prayer. So I was able to remind myself of when I wrote each prayer.

This has totally helped me keep track of my prayers and what I’ve prayed. If you don’t want to commit to journalling, grab a note book or begin to type a note in your phone and as you start praying - date them and write it down.

Tip 2: Prayer Jar

For a while, Linu and I began to write down our prayers and fill them into a clear jar. This was and still is very much such an amazing, we’d write our prayers onto a piece of paper and on the back have the date, so you can always remember when you wrote this particular prayer once you begin to look back.

Tip 3: Prayer Room or Closet

Ever since I watched the movie War Room, I have been so in love with the idea of having a space that is solely dedicated to our prayers. If you don’t have an actual room, then there’s definitely a closet - for a while I stuck a lot of my prayers on the back of my wardrobe just so I can see them each time, I went to pull some clothes out.

I pray Lord that as we begin to track our prayers that the biggest prayer of all is your will be done. In Jesus’ name, amen.