What we Believe

At we are Chai we are committed to equipping, empowering and building a community of women who are awakened and alive as royal warriors for Jesus Christ, through coaching, connecting and cultivating a kingdom heart.

Who we are

Linu and Nikkita's Chai journey started in church as they had been part of the same church family. They both had their struggles and storms before becoming friends and that's when they realised that having someone to point us back to Jesus in the midst of the storm is powerful beyond measure. 

On a long walk home from church, Linu and Nikkita started to share their vulnerabilities and desires and they started to dream up Chai together with God.  

Chai was born from a heart that hopes for women to have a strong community around them, supporting each other and cheering each other on. Our dream for Chai is to point women to Jesus and help them build a kingdom heart that pours out into everything they do as warriors for Jesus Christ. 

There's always more room for you and your girlfriends - so come in, pull up a chair while we get you some Chai and watch Him breathe life into you. 

Meet the Crew...


Linu George

Growing up, I was firm on three things: I love chicken, I hate lizards and there is a God in heaven. Over the years, not much has changed; I still LOVE chicken and I hate lizards. But, I realised and fell in love with a majestic God that doesn't just live in heaven but in my heart. I am firm on the fact that there is a God who loves me so deeply that He chases after my heart even when I run the opposite direction. 

Getting to know Jesus has been an adventure - one where I have cried in frustration, laughed in joy and cried because I was laughing too much. 

Apart from loving chicken, I love to journal and I love to sing (even though I Am terrible at singing) - I like to think that it sound heavenly to our G-daddy. I love funny dad jokes, getting wet in the pouring rain and joyful dogs. 

I can't wait to get to know you, my sister in Christ as we journey together. 

Lots of love, Linu <3


Nikkita Robert

I believe there is nothing more powerful than falling in love with Jesus.

The journey I have been on with Him has been one filled with laughter, loss, light and a whole heap of love. I love how God knows who you need in your life and when you need them - the community He gives you is one of the most important pieces to the jigsaw puzzle, I love to call life. 

I enjoy discovering more of who He has created me and usually I'm the one who is up for all the personality tests there are to take! (Haha, for those like me - I'm an INFP. Woo!) 

I'm a lover of words, I love to write and read. I love travelling - you'll find me collecting stamps in my passport and most liking serving on the mission field.

I look forward to discovering more about you and your heart in the Chai community, your voice is welcome and there is space for you here!

Love always, Nikkita xo