Not Allowing the Thoughts of Others to Influence You.

“I think that…”

“Maybe you should…”

“I would not have done that but…”

Any of those sound familiar?

They did for me in a particular season of my life. Everyone had an opinion about the things I wanted to do, places I wanted to visit, friends I had, clothes I chose to wear and probably even about the toothbrush I decided to buy! At times, it felt that I could not escape an opinion.

It is easy to find ourselves in a place where opinions are filtering into our lives. Why? Because everyone has an opinion to give! But does that mean that every opinion should be listened to?

I say no.

I learnt that I needed a select few to speak into my life. Whose opinions wouldn’t hurt me, even if they went against the idea or belief that I had, because their intention is not to hurt me but to provide me with a new of seeing things.

I learnt that not every friend wants to see you succeed and not everyone whose family will love you. So, I knew that I had to grow even deeper in my walk with God. Because He loves me, He covers me and He will always want me to succeed.

Not Allowing the Thoughts of Others to Influence You..png

Proverbs tells us:

Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.
— Proverbs 19:20

And I agree. But I believe that God plants specific people in your world to provide you with counsel. Linu and I are accountability partners, that may sound like a strange term but essentially what we do is, ask each other 10 questions, each question relating to an area of our life that we want to see improvement in, for instance “where have you sinned this week?” or “what are three things you’d like to achieve by next week?” and our final question, is “have you lied on any of the questions above?”

I have found that when Linu and I meet on Wednesdays to hold each other accountable – every thing is on the table and we offer our thoughts and opinions to one another but because we prayerfully hold onto God, we also acknowledge His will not ours and if my opinion is not from Him may it fall to the ground.

I let Linu speak into my life because I know she lets God speak into hers and from there I listen to her “I think that…”, “Maybe you should…” and “I would not have done that but…”

So who is your person? Or who will be your people? We pray that here at Chai you find a community with both Linu and myself, we hope that together, through listening to God we can influence each other to become women alive in Christ Jesus and who understand the full capacity of the calling upon their life. 

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