The Gorilla in the Midst

Have you ladies heard about the Gorilla in our Midst experiment?

It is an infamous experiment where an individual is asked to count the basketball passes the player makes and in the midst of the counting, a man in a gorilla suit walks through the shot and a lot of people are so focused on the passes that they miss the gorilla walking through!

Simons and Chabris who did the study stated that while our eyes are fixed on a certain object, we can miss some pretty big stuff, like a man in a gorilla suit. I wonder if we do that, in our spiritual life – especially when it comes to God’s promises on our lives.

Do we focus and fix our eyes on the promise and waiting for God to turn up that we forget to look for God in the midst of the ordinary? That we are so focused on waiting for our big breakthrough that we miss the everyday miracle?

I recently went to Kenya on a mission trip and I woke up expecting to hear good news. I had really bad nightmares that kept my tent up and I wanted my tent-mate and I to have a good night sleep with no interruptions. I would declare promises that God is for me and not against me and He will give me all the desires of my heart as I seek Him but I’d wake up to hear that I did, in fact, have nightmares, more than one on some nights. Those days, I had to make a choice – do I dwell on the fact that I was still waiting on my promise or shall I look up to see Him showing up in the midst of Kenya? I saw God move in the midst of the women, little girls going home knowing a little bit more of their value through the story of Esther, spending quiet times with Jesus overlooking mountains and cactus' and I saw God shield us under his wings and protect us through some really difficult situations and roads.


The more I took my eyes off what He can give me and start looking for my love in the mountains and in the rain, I found my Healer and my Saviour. I did experience one night of no nightmares and we celebrated but I had to choose not to hold on to that tightly and hold on to my promise-giver tighter.

I am choosing to look at the bigger picture and not miss the gorilla in my midst. I am choosing not to miss my God work His magic in front of me and I want to stand in awe and wonder at my God. Will you join me?

PS, if you want to watch more about this experiment I am talking about, check out this YouTube link and try it yourself: 

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