The Frogs I've Kissed Series: Part 2

Hey girlfriend, let me tell you a real-life fantasy I would love to become a reality.

Godly man meets Linu, Godly man and Linu fall in love and two becomes one.

Godly man and Linu have the best marriage, make a ton of cute babies, kiss in the rain like a classic Taylor Swift song, go around the world telling people about Jesus to all those who will listen.

But turns out it’s hard to find some frogs who love Jesus. Let me tell you a story of a certain frog I met – this particular frog was perfect on paper, quite the gentleman except one major detail – he didn’t know or love Jesus. It was frustrating, I remember telling God: ‘Jesus, this guy though, let’s do this?’

This is what God replied: ‘Linu, it’s up to you. If you are not willing to wait, go ahead and date Ishmael. But if you just wait on me, just wait a little bit more longer, and I will give you the Isaac I promised you.’

I was gobsmacked. When Abraham and Sarah waited on God’s promise of a child to come to pass, Sarah got tired of waiting and got Abraham to sleep with her servant and Ishmael was born.

The Frogs I've Kissed.png

Girlfriend, you may have kissed frogs in the past that was not your Isaac but be confident in the truth that if we don’t get tired of waiting, if we don’t rush God, Isaac will come and God uses all the frogs in our lives to teach us, grow us and bring us closer to God. Because guess what? Ishmael means ‘God will hear’ – God has heard you, He had heard your desire for that Prince Charming and He hears your heart. God hears you so keep talking to Him about this and keep waiting girlfriend.

Isaac is coming.

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