Strength in Solitude

Solitude has never been my thing. If I am ever in solitude, it’s when I am sleeping or when I am drained emotionally, spiritually or physically (hence the sleeping).

If I am being honest, it wasn’t until recently that I savoured my moments in solitude. It’s the time where I am physically alone, and I have no one else but God. Friend, I don’t know about you, but I was always hesitant on being alone because it scared me. When I am alone, my thoughts, my fears and my doubts can run loose in the silence.

But this is what I learnt: there is strength in solitude. In those moments where you are alone and those thoughts run wild, there is strength in rebuking it. There is strength in taking it up to God and laying it at His feet. There is strength in admitting our weaknesses that God reveals to us in those moments of solitude and showers us with grace.

Strength in Solitude.png

In those moments where we remain in that uncomfortable place of solitude, the veil gets a little thinner and we hear God in that hard place, we see Him reveal our unhealed wounds, we see His heart for us.

So now, I try to make it a priority to spend time in solitude. If I am going out, my time spent travelling has been so good in being still in solitude with Jesus, even if I have a busy schedule. Truth be told, it’s not always easy to set time apart to be in solitude but let me challenge you, and myself as I write this, to be in solitude for at least once a month and allow God to use that time to reveal the strength in solitude.

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