Saying Yes


Can I just say a HUGE happy 2019 to you and all those whom you love! I love the New Year period, where new beginnings and hopefully new dreams and aspirations come to live. Linu and I have a ritual, at the end of each year we prayerfully give each other a word for the next year. And although, we shall reveal our words for each other in the next month or so.

This year, I wanted to challenge us to say yes.

Now, one of the books that is on my “to read list” has to be Shonda Rhimes’, Year of Yes. I can confess to having ownership of the book, however, I have to also confess to not yet reading it. However, I will start this week in order to live out this challenge alongside our awesome Chai Community.  

Anyways, the concept of the book is that Shonda goes on a journey of saying yes.

And that’s what I want us to do.  

A year of saying yes.png

We start 2019, with clean slates, we have 365 fresh pages in our story books and we can either let them waste away, or we can make sure they are filled with adventure, discoveries and hope. So, this year if we ask to write that blog post, or preach in that particular church, or give this speech to those groups of people – let’s not let our normal reaction lead us, but instead let’s say yes.

Growth does not happen inside your comfort zone. I repeat this to myself, ALL the time. You know, in 2015 – I sat in a Mozambican church whilst in a church service, by the priest who is now the Bishop of Niassa and told God to ALWAYS keep me outside my comfort. Always do it. And guess what? God has answered to my prayers. Time and time again, He has come through for me, He pushes me further and further out of the familiar and into the unknown.

Because it’s in the unknown – I’ll call on HIM. It’s in the unfamiliar that I recognise my familiar and never changing God. And it is in both the unknown and the unfamiliar, that God hears the familiar cry of His daughter – one that say “I need you.” or “Did I really say, alwaysss keep me out of my comfort zone? Or did I say just a little bit?” LOL.  

I really believe that God, will stretch us in ways we never knew we could be stretched. He will carry us through things we’d never be able to walk through on our own. But by the time we reach the other side, He would have formed us into the person He needs us to be to move onto the next part of His story.

Will you join me in saying yes to God? Will you join Linu and I in a year of stepping out of the box where comfort dwells and into the unfamiliar? Will you come along with Chai on the adventure of a lifetime?  

I hope you say yes.

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