Praying on the go!

Do you find it difficult to find time for God? Does the nature of your work mean that you usually have no time on your hands to pray? Can it feel like God is put last on a list on many chores? I hear you. 

In such a busy world, it can be tough to find time to sit down and do a full bible study, sung worship and prayer. We have the 9 - 5 job, or the kids to look after, or the exams to revise for, which means we need to be in the library early to get the best seats. Sometimes, we can forget to pray. 

What if I told you there is a way to do your 9 - 5, look after the kids, revise for all the exams, still make it to the library on time and pray? Would you believe me? I hope you would, because you can! We're gonna take a look at how we can use some of the tools (that I use) and tips that I have to make our journey on the move, become our time for praying on the go! 

Below are some of the tools I use and tips that I have to help us pray on the go! (If you have any tips or tools, please drop them in the comments below - being in community means helping our sisters around us!) 

Praying on the go!.png

Tool 1: DAB - Daily Audio Bible

Designed to help you listen to the word, the DAB has various audio guides – such as listening to the bible chronologically, in a different language, they also have videos which can help you engage with the word in a different way.

I enjoy being able to sit back and listening to the word just be read to me, it can be quite soothing and it helps you spot things you might never of seen before too. 

Tool 2: Abide

I have fallen in love with this app, not only does it help with meditation which can provide you with peace throughout the week. It has various topics such as Anxiety & Worry, Forgiveness, Blessing, Guidance, Marriage, Women, Purpose & Love – to name a few. All being guides that you can listening to whilst on the move.

What better way to start your day, with mediation or to be on the go and listening to how we can be a blessing and love in the business of the rush hour or the dreaded commute! 

Tool 3: Podcasts

Podcasts are great. If you find a podcast you love, even better! Simply, search for the name of a chosen preacher or church and choose whichever podcast stands out! Linu loves to listen to podcasts on the bus and she finds that she is continuously filling herself up - spiritually! 

Tip 1: Sometimes leave your headphones at home (or at the bottom of your bag)

This helps create an awareness as you’re walking down the road but use this time to speak with God. Comment on the things that are standing out to you, pray for the things on your heart, but most important make room and space for God on your journey.

The other day, I was trying to call all my friends for a chat, and no one picked up. And then I realised - 'duh! Nikkita, this is the perfect chance to talk to God, to pray as I walk down the road - for the community and neighbourhood I live in, for God to shine His light in places of darkness and for His unmoving and unchanging love to be ever present among the people here!" 

Tip 2: Bring your journal, phone or notebook

This provides the opportunity to actually write your prayers down, maybe even date them, but it provides your journey with another way of engaging with God. Pray for the day ahead of you or write down gratitudes.

Sister friend, how will you choose to pray on the go? 

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