Making Room

Too often I discover new things that I love. I love to journal, write, read, worship my heart out in my room with the door closed, chat with my best friends and travel the world. I usually end up going on a rollercoaster ride when doing these things, for instance, only 30% of my heart feels like journalling today or 90% wants to dance and sing while no one else is listening.

How do I give all these things attention? Plus, these aren’t the only things I love, you know. So imagine my surprise when I first read this verse. I was to love the Lord with all my heart. Wow. God doesn't want me to love Him with 50% or 40% of my heart. He wants all of it. Every single piece. 

Making Roomfor the.png

Over lunch with a friend, I said that “giving my broken heart feels odd.” Let me explain what I mean by this. We can try and wait for the perfect heart to be formed in us or to wait until we believe we're worthy of God, but God doesn't want that. He's ready for us now, so a mini perfectionist like me, clams up and thinks "but God, I'm broken." But my daddy, your daddy still tells us to come. 

Now everyone knows that God has a sense of humour and he revealed what it meant to make room for Him, on the train journey home. As I sat listening to Jonathan McReynolds' Make Room:

“I find space for what I treasure. I make time for what I want. I choose my priorities. And Jesus you’re my number one. So, I will make room for you, I will prepare for two. So, you don’t feel that you, can’t live here. Please live in me.”

To give God all my heart means to put Jesus in first place. Like he did with us. God desires for us to choose Him before we choose Facebook, Instagram, television shows and events. When we love Him, we find space for the treasure that He is. Social media was designed for good, and it brings us great things – being able to connect, share and inspire people around us. But it can be a blockage to the Lord. Televisions shows are great, trust me I know. I can sit watching my Telenovela, Tierra de Reyes, all night long. But someone wants me, they want me to talk to them, they want me to laugh with them and to even share what is going on in my telenovela! It is true, God cares about what I indulge in, but He wants me to indulge in Him first. 

Whilst in Guatemala on a mission’s trip, everyday after the team and I came back from the project we were working on, I showered, then grabbed my journal, my bible and my stationary. I was ready to share my day with God, I was making room for God, I was inviting him into every thought I had that day, I was making Him know that I chose Him. But, in the busyness of life back home, sometimes we can lose being intentional about choosing to make room for God to enter into our lives.

Tips to invite God into your life:

1. Be intentional. Pick a time and space where you best connect with God, I found that it doesn't need to be the same place or time, but the consistency should be in the act of actually spending time together with God. Talk with Him or lay down and wait for Him to whisper. But invite the Lord into your space. 

2. Put some music on, get on your feet and worship Him. For He is worthy to be praised. Amen?! There is no better way for making room God than inviting His spirit to fill the space in which you're in. Be bold, be brave and be loud in calling the Holy Spirit to dwell in the space that you have chosen. 

3. Remove blockages. I know for me, I find myself scrolling through my phone and then onto Candy Crush and Soda Pop, then to Sudoku, then back through the social media platforms. Then before I know it, it is time to get some work done. Ask God to show you what is blocking you from making room for Him and then make him the priority. 

4. Find your community. I love making room for God with other people when you witness the faith of others you can only become encouraged. Here at Chai, we love community. We want a sisterhood, so if you're looking for that too. Please join our community, we'd love to meet you and journey with you. 

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