Looking up when scared of a challenge

Last year, I was asked to plan and lead a Holiday Club for children aged 4 – 11. It will be a solo project for my church who I was going to work for. It was a challenge – I didn’t have a clue on how to plan it, who my team would be and who the children are.

Funnily enough, my theme ended up being Joshua and the Wall of Jericho. As I read through Joshua, I was overwhelmed with how much God knew how scared I was and needed encouragement. Like Joshua, I needed to be told to be strong and courageous and not to be afraid.

Are you in that space right now? Are you facing a challenge that feels bigger than Goliath? Friend, here is my best advice – look up. Trust me, go outside and look up. Look at the sky and if it’s night time, look at the stars. Take a deep breath and remind your soul ‘the Creator who created these vast skies and flung the stars into space cares about me and tells me to be strong and courageous and not be afraid.’

Friend, you don’t need an army when you have God and your community of prayer warriors to carry you through whatever challenge you face. You might be thinking ‘Linu, it’s so easy for you to say that safely hidden behind a screen. You have no idea what I am facing’ and girlfriend, you are right. I have no idea what you are facing but God does. Whatever challenge you are facing, God is with you, standing by your side, going before you to make a way and strengthening you. All we need to do is look up. Looking up heavenwards where our prayers rise up like incense. Looking up to elevate our perspective to see God beyond our problems. Looking up and waiting for Him to guide us, help us and save us.

Looking up when scared (1).png

Right now, I am facing a challenge. A pretty frustrating challenge of being unemployed. It stings a little every time I say it because it makes me feel weak. Sometimes, in the midst of the challenge, it’s hard to look up. In that moment, I have a choice – grumble and get pretty salty about my circumstance OR vent it all to Jesus, take a deep breath and ask for God’s help to remain joyful and focused on Him while I make a cup of coffee. Most of the time, I get salty and then I remember to take every thought captive and make them submit to Jesus. It’s a long and hard journey but worth it. Now every rejection is filled with a low flame of excitement and I take every thought captive and say ‘Lord, surprise me. You know what’s best for me so I’m here, I’m waiting and watching expectantly.’

Friend, be strong and courageous. Don’t be afraid of whatever challenge you are facing because God is with you. Whatever challenge you’re facing, I pray that you look up.

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