Bible Journalling: A How to Guide!

I learn in colour and if you know me - I love stationery! Now, if you combine this with my love for reading the bible you get Bible Journalling! In January 2018, I bought my first ever Journalling Bible. (Isn’t it beautiful?!)


I think now would be a great time to make a disclaimer. You do not need all the pens in the world; one of your favourite pens and a few highlighters are more than enough!

With that being said, let’s dig in. The most important thing to do is know where you’d like to start. You could do a Bible in a Year Plan or simply journey through one book.

One of my favourite things to do while I’m journalling is to spot where God has fulfilled what has already been written. Especially in the New Testament were we see glimpses of God's promises coming to life through the ministry of Jesus Christ. I tend to use my green highlighter for this particular part, so it stands out throughout my bible as I journey through all the books.


I use the Logos Bible App, to help me figure out the meaning of certain words, which essentially helps bring to light exactly what the word means and the impact it makes on the passage afterwards. The great thing with the app is that you can look at the difference for the Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) meaning of the words too. (I love digging deeper into things like that!)


Overall, the most important part to Bible Journalling is to enjoy your time digging into God's word. As there is so much we could cover, we will be publishing a video rather soon about how we can dig even deeper into the word. 

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