Hope: of Christ

O come, O come, Emmanuel!  

Each year around this time at Christmas, I find myself – singing the same lyrics as above. And course, it’s just the season but when I stop and sing O come, O come, Emmanuel. I know that I am singing for God’s ALMIGHTY plan to come down to Earth and collide with man in such a magnificent way. With the upcoming birth of our saviour – we find hope. 

Hope. When you hear the word, what does it make you think of? We can use this word in such blasé ways, “I hope I win the lottery”, or “I hope I get that car for Christmas!” For me, hope reminds of me of God. It reminds me, that whilst He is around and whilst He reigns – here on Earth I will always have hope in knowing that He has a plan for me, but likewise with Jesus, our saviour – God had a plan for Him too, which is a great segway into thinking about one of the greatest plans He ever had!  

Growing up, each year in primary school we would sing Christmas songs and each year, every class wanted the best song to sing. I must admit, my class got a few good ones along the way and one that really stood out to me and one that I still continue to sing is this: 

“Tonight, events were made in Heaven, the greatest story ever penned, Heaven and Earth have come together, and life has come to Bethlehem.” 

The greatest story ever planned is about to transpire. The greatest story ever planned is almost upon us, for those who haven’t heard to hear and for those who didn’t know to understand. The greatest story ever planned is one of my favourite stories to tell.

I fall more in love with Jesus every year at Christmas, because He has set me free. I am free to hope for a better tomorrow and to hope for a deeper relationship with Him (and hope for that new car - lol!).

As we are expectant and know that we can place our hopes on Christ, this Christmas, what are you hoping for? We’d love to know – drop a comment below!

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