God's Rest

My Sabbath rest is for all to enjoy.

I remember reading a book once, called the good and beautiful God. Now this book focused on different soul training’s such as sleep, meditation, solitude, counting your blessings or even slowing down. As part of my course, we had to choose various soul trainings to do. I decided to do sleep and learning psalm 23.

I remember feeling so intrigued by learning how to sleep and not feel guilty about learning to just be. We live in such a time where we see meme’s of “no rest, no play, slay all day.” Actually, that’s not good for us, as Christians we need rest. God tells us to rest, in Deuteronomy he states that:

You and your family are to honour the Sabbath by setting it aside for the Lord your God.
— The Voice

We can see that having rest and understanding the Sabbath is so important to God. That means it should be so important to us, as a good father, our Abba wants nothing more than to see His children, well rested and most importantly inviting him into the rest we have desired for ourselves. 

So, do you have a day off?

Do you have time to rest?

Do you intentionally stay still and be still?

Have you taken a break?

G O D S.png


Here are some tips on how to rest.


1.     Cast your burdens:

Jesus said, come to me all who are weary and burdened and I shall give thee rest. Difficult life situations, work stresses, relationships of any kind and so much more can cause a lot of us to become burdened. In order, to find rest when these situations occur is to hand it over to God. Allow Him to carry the burden for you, let Him share in the weight that you are carry upon your shoulders and allow Him to work in the midst of this all – while you sweet sister, rest and rest well.

2.     Memorising scripture:

There is nothing more powerful than remembering that the word of God is your strength in tough times. Learning scripture off by heart will help shape you in your rest as you declare God’s goodness. I learnt Psalm 23 by memory and even to this day I still find myself reciting the words. 

Linu and I had a conversation not to long ago about how the lyrics "for your endless mercies follow me, your goodness will lead me home" brings such peace to the both of us. Just listening to the lyrics alone brings me rest because my soul needs to hear it. Memorising scripture satisfies our soul, which in turn provides us with rest. 

3.     SLEEP!:

Now let’s talk about physical rest – your body needs a break. It is important to be getting a good night sleep. If you find it difficult to sleep, there is an amazing app called Abide, which helps with mediation guides on a variety of things. It can also help put you to sleep, you can choose how long you would need for the app to work and the app will shut off after that length of time (not wasting your battery throughout the night).

Also, this became a reality to me when I first started my job, I never had a day off and in July I said to my vicar, I need to get away and he immediately agreed. I booked myself away on a silent retreat and for the first two days (apart from when I was timetabled to be somewhere), I slept. It was then did I realise how much my body needed a break, how much I need to sleep. Let's not feel ashamed for sleeping it provides you with the energy and resources to complete your to-do list, your goals and dreams!

4.     Hobby:

I love bullet journalling and I always find it as an opportunity to rest with God. It’s amazing that I can be sticking, cutting, redecorating my journal and still invite God in the midst of all that – because to be creative is to give glory to God’s creativity within me. What do you love to do? Pick a hobby, if you don’t have one, find a new one or go on a walk – do anything that helps invite God into your space.

5.     Pray

I am a believer that prayer is one of the greatest tools we have as Christians, and I am a believer in the notion that our God listens, and He hears. Sometimes, you might not know what to pray, so invite a friend to pray for you. God says, where two or more are gathered I am there also.

Friend, my prayer is that you find rest with God and that He rejuvenates and refreshes you now and forever. In Jesus' name, amen. 

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