Free Indeed

I was having dinner with a friend when I said: ‘sometimes even though you know the chains are broken, it doesn’t feel broken’.

Ladies, have you ever felt like that? That feeling where you had a glorious moment with God and all chains were broken, you feel set free and nothing can pull you away from God and His love for you. Then, you wake up the next day and feel the residue of the high and then routine hits you and you start to feel heavy and the only logical conclusion is – the chains were never broken.

It had been a conversation God and I were talking about and I finally got it this week. For the past week, I’ve been really ill and one of my least favourite symptoms is when I have a blocked nose. Anything else, I can moan about in my head and move on but a blocked nose, especially when you’re already in bed and you are forced to breath out your mouth, I really start to miss my unblocked nose.

I’m Indian so my mum’s favourite phrase when you’re ill is ‘put some Vicks VapourRub on’ and sometime soon after putting Vicks VapourRub (and healing ministry for myself) my nose was unblocked.

But I was so used to breathing with my nose at that point that I continued to breath through my mouth even through my nose was unblocked. It just became a natural thing to do because I was so used to it even though I preferred my nose. It took a little bit of time, effort on my part to remind myself that my nose was no longer blocked, I can use my nose.

I believe that it’s the same when our chains are broken. Because we can’t see that metal chain breaking, we automatically assume that it is not yet broken. However, Christ on the cross means that our chain have been broken – every chain that holds you captive to our past, our shame and sin have been broken.

John 8:36 says ‘So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed’. It’s an act of faith to walk and hustle knowing that God has set you free. I think it’s human nature to want to go back to something that is familiar. But it take God’s strength to remind yourself that God has set you free so to walk in freedom, we need to change our mindset. Remind yourself that God has set you free and that you refuse to believe the lie of the enemy and he can get behind you.


Free indeed.png

Did you know that ants won’t cross a chalk border? Now, there is a lot of science behind why an ant won’t cross a chalk border but is sometimes do we act like an ant? Do we sometimes hesitate to cross the border and walk into freedom because what you see a chalk border and view that as a wall when in fact it’s only chalk?

Lovely friend, you and I both are called for a life of freedom. God has set us free and now it’s our choice to grab hold of that freedom and flourish in God’s calling. I would love for you to join me in praying for all those women whose chains are broken.

Lord, thank you for our freedom. Thank you that our chains are broken in Jesus’ name and nothing can keep us bound. Lord, in light of this freedom, may we always remember that our freedom comes because of You. May our walk with You remind us that whom the Son set free, we are free indeed. We ask that you invade our thoughts and our emotion and we ask that you reign over it all, reminding us that you have set us free. Help us align our mindset to the truth of the Word. In Jesus’ mighty name, amen.

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