Do You Know Him?

Do you know Him?

So often we have an idea of who He is, an image, a way in which He acts and communicates but do we really know? Do we really know whom we are serving, whom we are dedicating our lives too, whom we are professing to love and serve and honour. Do we really know Him?

A few years back I read the book ‘The Shack’ by William P Young and let me tell you that book really took me by surprise. Not only did I have to fight back small tears whilst I was on the commute to work because I seriously was not expecting the plot twists that Young weaved into his story, but I had to take a step back and re-evaluate who God was to me.

God. Described by The Oxford Dictionary as ‘the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.’ Known to some as The One who punishes right and wrong, The One whom one must address either before a meal, or when an upcoming exam, important meeting, or long haul flight comes up. God can also be known as The One to whom when a loved one is ill, all manner of requests begin to come flooding in. For many God is The One with whom the relationship is purely transactional i.e. ‘God, if you do this, I will do this.’ Who is God to you?

When reading The Shack, I was forced to think ‘Do I see God as my Father?’ The truth is I honestly never really did. I believed and still do believe in God, I was fully aware that many people I knew referred to Him as their ‘Abba’ or ‘Father’ and not in the slightest did it make me feel uncomfortable or anything, but it just was not the relationship God and I had. This was not because God did not want to be my Father but because I had a fixed way of seeing Him and Father was not it.  

It never occurred to me to see God as my Father and that was purely because I had boxed God in my mind. We fail to realise how much we limit God. We have been blessed with an imagination but sometimes that same imagination can be detrimental. In my mind I had painted an image of God and that was as far as my relationship with Him could go. God is uncontainable, but in my mind He was contained. God is limitless but in my mind He was limited. I did not fully grasp who He was and as a result I would look for restoration and renewal in other things, similar to the children of Israel who drank water from the broken cisterns they had built. Water that could never satisfy. (Jeremiah 2:13)

Jesus told the woman at the well, ‘If only you knew’ (John 4:10) and these words really ring true to me because they hold so much truth. If only we knew who He was. If only we allowed God to be God in our lives and not our phones, relationships, jobs, money, or other material things. If only we fully allowed the love of God to permeate through our mind, our heart and our soul. If only we would trust Him enough to let down the walls that have been built up so high as a result of failed relationships, heartbreaks, tragedies and pain. If only we just reached out and touched the hem of His garment to receive complete healing as opposed to watching from the side-lines, broken for the fear of being rejected.

Too often we view God through the lens of our past experiences and also other people’s experiences but what we really need to do is to view God for who He is and that can be found in exploring His Word.

It took some painful experiences for me to start to let go of the control of my life and hand it over to God who I can now confidently call my Father. I’m not going to say that I am fully even there in knowing Him but each day God reveals to me more and more who He is and oh my is it beautiful. This past week has been an exploration into how gracious He is and it is so humbling to think that there is such an amazing outpouring of grace for someone like me.

I dare you to get to know Him. I dare you to unashamedly and unapologetically dig and delve in deeper to find out who He is and to let Him be all He wants to be in your life. One thing is for sure you will not be disappointed.

A little more about Bernadette!

Founder of Bee Crowned, Bernadette is a writer who seeks to inspire and encourage through the Word. She's on her journey, growing daily by His grace and living in His freedom and love. Bernadette loves to sing, bake, cook and spend time with friends and family.