Creative Ways to Pray

I believe that prayer is one of, if not the most important tool we have in combating the schemes of the enemy and surrendering our all to God. However, I also know that at times it can feel like we say the same thing, over and over and over again – making us assume that somehow, it’s repetitive maybe even somewhat boring.

I’m a creative and I love to change things on a regular basis, my style of worship tends to change throughout the day, and actually it is the change of how I worship that is my constant throughout my life. It’s important to know that sometimes we outgrow what we’re used to, I once read a meme that said, “you cannot solve today’s battle on yesterday’s advice” and you know what? I agree. If you needed sung worship yesterday, today you might need silence. Never think that change is a bad thing, change is there to equip us and grow us also.

So, if like me, you need change too then look no further! Here are some creative ways to pray:  

1.     Learn the Lord’s prayer in a new language.

I’m currently learning how to speak Spanish and I’ve discovered fun ways to incorporate my love of the language with my love of praying to God, so on my bedroom wall, I have the Lord’s prayer in Spanish and I’ve begun to learn it off by heart. Let me tell you, what a difference it makes to my soul!

2.     Write your prayers down.

In my bullet journal, I have created a page that’s called “and God spoke”, I decorate it with a certain type of washi tape (ya’ll are my people if you know what this!) in order for it to always stand out in my journal and on these pages throughout my journal, you will find all the prayers that I’ve prayed and often the responses that I’ve felt God say to me too. I use my various coloured pens and every time I come to that specific page, I enjoy how much I can see the dialogue and relationship between myself and God.

3.     Create your own war room.

For those of you who have seen the movie, you’ll understand what I mean here but for those that haven’t let me give you one quick summary of what I mean. In the movie, the lead actress (the awesome Priscilla Shirer #fangirling) has a designated space for prayer, she uses this little cupboard/wardrobe as her war room. This is the place where she lays down her battles before God, this is where she writes prayer after prayer after prayer on sheets on paper and sticks them to the wall. I must confess, I attempted to have my own war room but there was no available room, so I decided to make one at the back of my wardrobe. I must also confess that it didn’t last long as my clothes kept knocking down prayers. But… the significance of those prayers and the method of prayer never went away.

I would love to hear more about the creative ways in which you pray. Drop a comment below, so I can try out some of your amazing tips too!

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