Comparison: The Perfect Christian

It can be difficult at times, when we stumble upon people who know the Bible better than us, who prays longer than us, who appears to have all the attributes of a ‘perfect’ Christian. We can begin to compare ourselves, analyse everything this person does based on our opinion of them. Let me tell you right now, unless this person we’re speaking about is Jesus Christ - then they are not the perfect Christian. Only Jesus is.

Better yet, Jesus is the perfect person, period!

So now that we have established, there is no perfect Christian, we need to look into why we think this way and what ways we can combat stopping this thought process. Why do you think that you aren’t good enough? Why do you think that you lack something? It’s important to remember that God made us uniquely, He assigned us with various skills - that bring constant glory to his workmanship. Our Father, never laid one hair on your head out of place. So why are we comparing?

Personally, I can sometimes struggle with envy. Not in the green-eyed monster way the world attempts to portray it but actually from a standpoint of, wow - that person is amazing for doing the things I wish I could be doing. Again, stemming from a place of “am I good enough?” better yet the question is simply “am I even enough?”. Friend, let me tell you the answer, for yesterday, today and forever. Is yes you are! All the time. Even in the midst of a storm, you are enough. Through everything, you are more than enough. “But to all who believed in Him and accepted Him, He gave the right to become children of God.” (John 1:12 NLT)

You will always be more than enough because you are a child of the most high God, the one we call Yahweh and the one we cry out to as Abba!

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In a conversation with Viktoria, she displayed this amazing picture - I cannot remember it word for word, but it was about planting seeds of hope in people’s lives, their ministries (whether that’s their job, family or anything else) instead of sowing seeds of envy or comparison. Why aren’t we planting seeds of hope? It’s important to know that someone else succeeding does not mean that you have failed. Our paths are different.

One of the things that have helped me recently is the Enneagram assessment. Now, I know you may be thinking “Nikkita and her personality tests again.” But honestly, this is SO much more than a personality test and yes, it can feel as though it put you in a box, I agree. However, what it can do, is begin to help you see through things that you may not have known the name for. I’ve become so transparent about a core struggle of mine, envy - which happens when I misalign myself from what I know to be true. The Enneagram has nine types, and “the Enneagram accurately and clearly describes why you think, feel and behave in particular ways based upon your core fears and core desires. The gift of the Enneagram is that through self-discovery, one can create and sustain meaningful and lasting relationships with others, God and themselves.”

If you’re interested in taking the test, click here.

I’d love to chat more about this, once you’ve taken the test. I’d love to know if helped in any way. The enneagram really helped me understand when I become misaligned from the Gospel. Misaligned from God’s truth and once you begin to identify what voice tells you something that God doesn’t believe is true, you get to become the one who silences it.

I pray for you as you read this, I pray that you be transformed by the renewing of your mind and may you continue to walk in God’s truth, that you are a child of His. One whom He loves. I pray you are reminded of this daily and I pray for God’s love and mercy to be poured upon you this day, never forgetting you are made in the image of God and that friend, is a sheer delight. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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