Comfortable in my Own Company

I love being in my own company, that’s not to say I don’t enjoy being in the company of others. I do. Even as we seek to build intentional friendships and relationships - something we’ve been talking about for a while now. It’s important to remember, that being comfortable in your own company is also a way which helps you during your prayer time with God. Usually, people can often find it ‘strange, difficult, weird or awkward’ praying to God in their own company. But knowing how to be comfortable in your own company, will do tremendous things for your personal walk with God.

Here is a 5 step guide to being comfortable in your own company, whilst praying with God.

  1. Talk out loud:

    The first step with being comfortable in your own company, is knowing that is perfectly normal to talk out loud in your space - you don’t need to have silence (however, if you prefer silence, then that’s okay too). Talking out loud, often helps your mind to begin focusing in on what you want to begin praying for. As you continue talking to God, keep talking aloud. It’s important for you to become familiar of your voice and the Spirit’s voice.

  2. Grab an object, such as a cross or a stone:

    These really help me to stop fiddling or to begin to focus my mind, especially if talking out loud isn’t necessarily a way in which you channel your thoughts. Objects help focus your mind. I usually use my wooden cross, holding onto it and allowing the texture of the cross to be in the palm of my hand is SO helpful to centring my thoughts.

  3. Candles, candles, candles:

    They DEFINITELY change the atmosphere, but they also help calm you down. It can be difficult, when you’re on your own and you begin to think of the different ways in which to settle - but candles are an amazing help. I tend to place my candle on my desk, sit on my bed and watch the flame. It helps me again to centre my mind on the things that I want to bring to God. The things that I want to talk about.

  4. Music:

    I have an app called Abide and it is perfect for listening to amazing sounds as I’m on my own, or when I’m getting ready to pray and/or read my bible. The app itself lets you choose what sound you’d want to hear, I often go for the sound of the waterfall - lush. Hearing the sound of nature, helps connect me to God in a bigger way but keeps me calm in my own self and reassured in my presence, ‘for the Spirit of the Lord is here.’

  5. Pillows and blankets:

    Now, for me, I like sitting on the floor. This may not be your thing, but when you’re surrendering to God - it better be. He wants our ENTIRE worship. That means He wants ALL of us and I am most humble and most surrendered when I am seated on my pillow on the floor.

  6. Bonus tip: Grab pens, notebooks, anything you need:

    The most important part about all of this, is making sure that YOU are comfortable in order to pray. Reject the idea of praying alone feeling ‘awkward’ or ‘different’ even ‘weird’. No. Make yourself comfortable, then pray to the one who desire to have your whole heart.

I pray that these steps help you in your prayer time with the Lord, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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