Bible Reading - Finding your own rhythm

Friend, has this happened to you - you had a good season of bible reading, you weren’t falling off and everyday a little part of you was looking forward to getting into the word, to sit and ponder on the scriptures and then the next thing you know, you miss a day, and then you miss a month and the next thing you know, you’re not quite sure where your bible is or what you last read in the bible?

Ladies, I have been there! To be honest, I am there! As I am writing this, I am on a holiday in India. Now, India is the place I grew up in, it’s where a lot of my family are and getting some time for myself in India is a little tough. In all honesty and humility, I am the favourite for the kids and my bum and legs have been hurting a little from having a child sit on my lap all the time. All the time.

In the midst of the children, sick grandad and general spending time with family, my bible reading game has not been strong. It’s been tough and before I knew it, my new normal became going through my day without thinking of reading the Bible. It took some time apart from everyone (taking long showers) to figure out how I can up my bible reading game.

When I started to grow my discipline of bible reading, I used the Bible app on my phone. Every night, before bed, I would read a little devotional and read one verse. Just one. But as I matured, I found that one verse a day was not enough. I upgraded from a phone bible to a physical bible and it was a sign of growth. So right now, while in India, I didn’t have the time or silence to sit with my bible, read my bible and ponder. So instead, I downgraded while I am here – the first thing in the morning I do is to read the verse of the day and in the night, I would read a devotional where I would read a few verses.

Bible Reading (1).png

What I learnt was that bible reading does not look the same for everyone and does not look the same in every season. Going from a season of highlighting verses in my bible to reading a verse a day, I realised that reading a set number of verses isn’t important but having the discipline of reading God’s word, in whatever form, going deep in the word, whatever form is vital.

Whether it is in the morning with your coffee or at night where the world is asleep, if it’s a whole chapter or if it’s only a verse, it really doesn’t matter what it looks like, but the idea that if we don’t read the bible, our heart feels absence of God’s word. Until we get to that place, stick with it friend. Keep going and if you miss a day, don’t give up but keep going until the habit is formed.

I always remember the MSG phrase of ‘unforced rhythm of grace’ – and my favourite phrase ‘unforced rhythm’ – it isn’t forced, it isn’t a chore, it’s just natural. It’s a rhythm and it feels right.

Let’s pray:

Lord, we thank you for Your Word. We are sorry that sometimes, it does not appear on top of our priority, but we want it to be. Lord, help us grow in our disciple of Bible reading and may it be a discipline that works for us. May this discipline grow and strengthen our relationship with you.

In Jesus’ mighty name, amen.

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