A Prayer of Serenity

I don’t know about you guys but here at Chai HQ, we are big Grey’s Anatomy fans. Nikkita got me into it while I was at university and fourteen seasons later, I still watch them with tears creeping from the corner of my eyes.

The latest episode I saw, they said a little prayer (I won’t say who because no one likes spoilers) called a serenity prayer and it starts off like this:


God, grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.


What a powerful prayer to pray. As we go through life, we hit storms and we get tempted to fix it, give God a helping hand and take control and fix it before we surrender it to Him. Praying for serenity helps you accept that in some situations you, alone, cannot move mountains. Only God can.

Having serenity over it means that when we give it over to God and it feels like we lost the battle, it never means that we lost the war because we don’t see the big picture. We only see the small puzzle so we might have lost the battle but have already won the war in Jesus.

Just because we lose a battle does not mean that we are helpless. Girlfriend, you and I are daughters of the King of the universe and everything in heaven and on earth is our Father’s. God has planted a purpose and desire to change the world, starting with the community around you. The biggest obstacle I hit when fulfilling my purpose was not finance, time or the lack of knowledge but it was my fear. Fear is an obstacle that can hide in plain sight, lingering in the back of the mind and not say much but sit very heavy on your heart. In those times, knowing who you are and whose you are will give you the courage to know that which battle you are born to fight and be world changers.

I don’t know what fear and insecurity you are facing but you can change the world, one step at a time and those God-given dreams do not scare God.


But the key to doing both well depends on how much you invite God into it. You and I can work on our God-given dream to the best of our abilities, but it will just be human efforts without God’s touch. Likewise, we can tell God that we are laying it at the foot of the cross but without God, we would still try to help ourselves and help God in a situation that God is saying 'keep clear'. We need to invite God in so He can give us the wisdom to know when to do what.

So friend, let me pray this over us, that in every situation, in every season, we have serenity, the peace that passes all understanding that ultimately God is in control to work everything for good and that He always gives us wisdom on how to help us be world changers.

A prayer of serenity..png

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