Expectant in Every Season

Autumn reminds me of the start of something new. I always seem to link September with the beginning of a new season of life.

On the streets and in the city, people are buzzing about like the bees that collected pollen in the summer. We’re always on the go.

Although my Septembers have changed a lot compared to when I was younger, the feeling of “new” still lingers in the crisp mornings as I step on the crunchy leaves. This new season I expected to meet new people, start a new job and plan a vacation for winter or next spring, perhaps.

But, you might not be feeling the “new” in the air if you’ve been working the same job for years now or trying to accomplish a goal that always seems out of reach. Maybe you thought you would be doing better financially or you go home every night to an empty house you thought would be filled with children by now.

Expectant in Every Season.png

Friend, are all your paths well tread and you know every turn and every routine with your eyes closed. Feeling as though nothing new is coming your way? I have to admit, even though I was waiting for new friends, jobs and experiences to come my way, I was convinced I’d have to fight really hard for these things. I kind of had a grudge against God, thinking He doesn’t want to bless me and doesn’t particularly care about my needs. But I was wrong.

I dare you to be expectant God. Be expectant of the God who provides GOOD things to everyone, and especially to those that love and seek Him.

Are you seeking God but feel like He isn’t listening? I assure you He is and His timing is perfect. Sometimes He makes us wait for a blessing and other time He gives us a blessing even before we could ask for it.

Before starting at a new college this September, I was really worried that I’d make zero friends that share my love for Jesus. Since living out my faith at school, supported by a community of believing students became a blessing to me in the past few years, I was so worried I’d be alone this time, at this new school. Before starting there, I often prayed expectantly for a believing friend and wasn’t sure how, when or even if God would answer.

The Lord knows exactly what we need and gives us just that, at just the right time. As I connected with staff of a Christian student group on Campus (P2C), they mentioned that one of the girls already involved with the group would love to meet up with me. Then I found out that she was a year ahead of me in the same program I’m in!

In that moment I felt so loved by the Lord and taken care of, my needs for community met. I also know that in moments where I feel that my needs aren’t met right away, I’m still tremendously loved by the Lord. Loved no less or more in any circumstance, but loved eternally and consistently. This is the love of our God.

What actions can you take that let God know you’re waiting on Him to move in your life? Are you willing to be patient in a season of life, trusting that He will move in due time?

The Lord is teaching me to be expectant in every season, not just this one, and not just for my earthly needs being met. He wants me to be expectant of the transformation He is continuously doing in my life. He wants me to be expectant of the Holy Spirit and all that He can accomplish in me when I surrender my life.

Viktoria WeiszComment