Soul Ties: What are they?

If you study God’s word, you will realize very soon that it talks about the fact that we have a soul, and that its very valuable. The word “soul tie” isn’t explicitly mentioned in the Bible but its implied many times.

For most of my life, I didn’t even know what a soul tie was or that it existed, even though I was raised as a Christian and read the Bible from a young age. I really had to read a few verses closely and understand what was going on. The idea of a soul tie can sound overwhelming or negative, but friend they can also be a blessing, if the soul tie happens in a way thats positive and blessed by God. Read this for example…

“ …the soul of Jonathan was knit to soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. ” 1 Samuel 18:1

This sentence paints such a phenomenal and beautiful image in my mind. David and Jonathan are friends knit together at the soul level. How many friends do you know or have that you can say that about? I love the fact that God created us to find deep joy in friendships and to support, encourage and help our friends grow in their faith. Being invested in and helping a sister grow in faith happens at a soul and spirit level and I know that I can always feel when theres an authentic connection happening.

Another positive example of a soul tie is seen in a Godly marriage! I’m always in awe of how God put so much meaning behind marriage. It isn’t just a man and a woman committing to be faithful to each other for life but also a living example and picture of the relationship between God and the church!

“…a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” Mathew 19:5

The man you marry should be your best friend and the goal of marriage is to bring the two people closer together and closer to God! Marriage God’s way allows two people to be united in showing His love to the world in ways the world hasn’t seen. The unique soul tie in marriage is a blessing that helps them show the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, through the way they treat each other and everyone around them. I know a couple from my church that have been married for 63 years and the way they care for each other and are faithful to each other is a true testament to the way God has so beautifully united them.

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Although the above examples are all positive, understanding what a negative soul tie is, can help you recognize it when its happening, so that you can break it off (more on that in the next post!) and leave it before it becomes a bigger issue. A negative soul tie can happen either in a really close friendship or in a relationship where we are deeply invested in and the person is clearly leading us away from God’s path. Usually we won’t notice this type of soul tie happening at first but what we can notice is that spending time with this person always seem like a thrill in the moment, but then next day or week you have feeling that maybe being with them or spending a large amount of your time with them isn’t the wisest decision. After this, you will still feel a pull to go hang out with this friend or do something with this boyfriend you know you shouldn’t be doing, even though you know its not feeding your soul in a positive way.

This doesn’t mean that you should consider that friend or boyfriend lesser in value or below you, or that you are better than them. Not at all, since God loves them just a much as he loves you. We should still care for them, but some people aren’t meant to be in our close circle of friends and there are some guys we shouldn’t consider when looking for a relationship.

Friend, may you create positive soul ties!

Lord, I pray for every sister reading this that you would bless them with the gift of wisdom. Wisdom is so valuable especially when we realize all the distractions around us, all trying to get our attention. May you be the first and most important desire of our souls! I pray that if you are reading this, you would ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern any negative soul ties that have taken a root in your life. Lord, I pray that you would show her any unhealthy relationships or friendships she is invested in. Give her the supernatural strength only you can provide, that she would distance herself and break these off, if they are not relationships that glorify you. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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