Intentional Relationships

Have you ever been to networking events? Not going to lie, they are a little scary. While networking, you have to be vocal, yourself, strategic, make sure that you are memorable and intentional.

Outside of networking events, being intentional in relationships has been one of the most important lessons I’ve learnt. While studying, I’ve moved schools five times and each time I moved, I had to make friends and be intentional about it. Am I going to be friends with those who do weed? No way. Am I going to be friends with the girl who let me know I have something stuck in my teeth? Yes please.

It wasn’t until university that I learnt that being intentional with relationships goes far beyond just friendships. It goes into every area of our lives – into our romantic relationships, accountability partners and mentors. The relationships in our lives plays a role in your faith journey, our emotional wellbeing and support system.

So, what does an intentional relationship look like?

Intentional relationships are godly relationships – ones that God has ordained for us. Intentional relationship looks like two parties both understanding the intentions and purpose of this relationship. An intentional relationship knows what you both want and works on the relationship to produce the best outcome. It’s one with God in the middle of it all.

I remember when I was praying for a mentor. I had just come back into faith and I needed some guidance. Around the same time, I met someone who had the qualities of a mentor. I could trust her with my vulnerabilities, there were no major red flags that I was concerned with and most of all, I had a peace about her. It felt like an answered prayer. Even though we were in different countries, we would make sure to Skype each other and keep each other updated.

Intentional Relationships.png

Soon after that, that season of mentorship came to an end and I was back on the hunt to find another mentor. I was in a coffee shop with a girl and I was telling her a little bit about myself. She seemed to hear me, sympathise with me and encourage me. I walked away feeling good until I saw a major red flag, which showed that she was not ready to mentor anyone yet.

I always hold on to the feeling of peace – the one that passes all understanding when evaluating a relationship. With my first mentor, there was peace and trust that surrounded the relationship. It was one that was soaked in God’s goodness and I could see God’s hand in it. My almost-mentor after that was a surface level mentor. She was ready to do all the right things but in that season, she needed a lot more growth and stretching before mentoring anyone.

The same goes out for intentional relationships with accountability partners, romantic partners, prayer partners, business partners and friends. Girlfriend, can I encourage you to look out for any red flag that pops out to warn you? Seek God’s heart on all your relationships because bad company can corrupt good character – 1 Corinthians 15:33.

Let’s make sure to have relationships that God desires for us to have and one that has God in the middle of it – for a three-cord strand cannot be easily broken!

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