Joy - Birth of our King

Merry Christmas friend! I hope you guys had an amazing and joyful time with your loved ones as we celebrated the birth of our King. I don’t know if you know but this is my favourite time of the year – not because it’s my birthday season (I’m a Christmas Eve baby) but also because it’s the season we belt our Christmas carols, cosy blankets, and Christmas jumpers!

This time last year, Nikkita and I spoke in preparation for the year. We decided to hold each other in prayer and ask God what their word of the year is. The day we met was exciting – we met in church, sat on a comfy sofa where we have previously shared our hearts and vulnerabilities and I looked with eager eyes at Nikkita to tell me what she thought my word was.

It was joy.

My heart became joyful and I thought, ‘look at that, it’s already coming to pass. I am so ready for some joy and happiness this year’. It was then Nikkita reminded me that joy, unlike happiness is not fleeting, it’s permanent and remains regardless of the situation, regardless of suffering, regardless of blessings.

In this Christmas time, I am reminded of the joy that came to the world. We sing our infamous Christmas carol, Joy to the World. What a party it must have been in heaven and on earth. While the world did not know, a few shepherds and wise men knew of a king being born. Yet, our loving God rejoiced knowing that humanity’s rescue mission has started, a way to reconcile man and God has started, God has come running to sweep us into His loving arms and the final victory against all forces of evil is about to happen, through an innocent, vulnerable baby.

Fast forward that two thousand years later, that joy remains – the war has been won, nothing can separate God and us and even more, we are His and He is ours for all eternity. In the light of that, all my earthly troubles dim a little knowing that the God of angel armies, God of heaven and earth is by my side, laughing with me, crying with me, holding me.

Friend, right now, this very moment, whether you are sitting in your Christmas jumper or in the waiting room at a hospital, whether you are sipping your hot chocolate or wondering if you are going to eat today, whether you are on your own or if you feel alone amidst of family, God sees you and wants to be your strength and your joy.

It’s the joy of the Lord which will be our strength. The joy of the world, came especially for you and me, my friend. It’s time to receive our King, our joy. Let’s make some room for Him in our hearts and sing praise with all creation.

We would love to pray for joy for you! Dear Jesus, thank you for coming down as a baby to rescue us. Thank you for your overwhelming, all surpassing love for us and most of all, thank you for coming for me. Lord, we surrender our hearts to you now, in Your name, we ask that you fill it with your joy. Fill us with joy that remains and reigns amidst troubles, sufferings and heartache. Lord, be our strength, our joy and our heart’s desire. We love you Lord, we love you a lot. Amen.

Can you believe that we are the end of this year? We wanted to thank you for being on this journey with us this year! What an incredible year it has been and we’ve only just started. We strongly believe that the best is yet to come. So, bring all your girlfriends because you and your friends are invited to come hang our with us and allow God to work in our hearts! Join our community and we will see you there!

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