Anticipation - Eagerly Waiting

In the summer, I spent a month in India. One day, on my way home, I saw a advert for an apartment building which said ‘waiting is so yesterday. Do it today!’

I recognised myself in that advert. I remembered the nights where I told the Lord: ‘how much longer Lord? How long do I have to keep waiting before I see the breakthrough, before the answer? How much longer?’

Have you been there before?

In this Christmas season, I am reminded of Mary, who eagerly waited for her baby, the Son of the Most High. In faith, she trusted and waited on God.

I remember when my aunty was pregnant with my little cousin – there was a sense of excitement in the waiting, a lot of questions build up – I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl, I wonder how much hair the baby would have, I wonder if the baby is growing well in there. Following the excitement, my aunt hit a point where she felt ready for the baby to be out – ‘this baby is making me pee every two minutes. Why are these days going so slow? When will this be over? I don’t want to waddle and I want to tie my own shoelaces!’ But in the end, all the waiting, amidst the eagerness and the frustration, a beautiful baby was born on God’s perfect timing.

Even though my aunty felt ready for that baby to come out, the baby was not – there was a little more growing to do. It’s the same when we wait on a promise, when we wait on a breakthrough, when we wait on an answer. If we are waiting, we are growing – in faith, in character, in our relationship with Jesus.

I had always thought that if I was waiting, I was wasting time. I thought ‘oh man, I guess I have to keep waiting on that perfect job. Of course, if I had that perfect job now, I could spend more time on my calling and fulfilling my purpose.’ I wonder if you have been there too.

But what I didn’t realise was that in the waiting, I was growing in my character to sustain that calling. My family loves to grow grapes vines – grapes are great but we grow for one sole purpose – wine. We did a lot of waiting – waiting for the grapes to grow and the bigger wait – for the grapes to ferment and make our sweet, sweet wine (it’s a family recipe). In that waiting, God spoke about how waiting was necessary, it’s vital for growing in faith, in character, in understanding and trusting who God is. It’s always worth it.

Friend, I don’t know what you are waiting for but let’s all wait in eager anticipation for God to do His work in us while we wait. Let’s always keep the perspective that waiting is so not yesterday, waiting maybe today, waiting maybe tomorrow, waiting is however long God ordains for us and it’s our job to eagerly anticipate for God to show up.

Let’s pray:

Lord, we praise you and thank you for being a God who always answers at the right time. Thank you that you wait for us to grow in character, grow in faith to withstand and sustain your blessing and answered prayers. Lord, we pray that in the waiting, we are expectant, we are eager and we are full of faith. In the places where we lack faith while waiting, Lord, help our unbelief. Lord, we wait for your will to be done within us. We love you Lord, thank you for coming down to us as a baby. Amen.

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