The Mustard Seed Principle

The idea of going on a mission trip to Kenya seemed impossible. It was a lot of money, I barely got paid minimum wage (#InternLife), there wasn’t enough time to raise the funds and it was too amazing for me to be part of it.

But it didn’t take long for God to remind me that all I needed was a mustard seed sized faith to bring the dead to life, the impossible made possible. That seemed easy enough, mustard seeds are so tiny that you can eat it without realising it.

But having a mustard seed sized faith was harder than it looks. See the minute we remind ourselves who God is, the enemy comes to distort that. So, every time I told myself ‘My God is a good God and He does not withhold no good thing’, the enemy came in to say: ‘He is good but are you good enough to receive it?’ Every time I said: ‘my God is faithful and He will give the desires of my heart, as long as it’s with the right motives’, the enemy would say ‘don’t bother, He does give you the desires of your heart but I’m sure it isn’t His desire for you to go to Kenya. If it was, you would already have the money.’

Friend, I don’t know if you’ve felt that way but I’ve learnt that having a mustard seed sized faith means to say ‘I trust you God.’ Even when doubts are brewing your heart, it’s to speak God’s words in the eye of the storm of doubt, it’s to water your faith with thanksgiving and praise even when the breakthrough hasn’t happened yet. It’s to confidently say ‘I trust that you will fulfil what you have promised. But even if you don’t I know that you are still good. Even if you don’t, You are still the King of my heart.’

So, I told Jesus: ‘Lord, only you know how you are going to make this work. I would really like to go so Lord, do what only you can do. Your promise still stands; I know you are a faithful God, you have never failed me, and you won’t start now. But if it’s not your will for me to go, you are still good, all the time.’ When the enemy came to dig up what I sowed in faith, I said it again. I worshipped and reminded my soul who God is, I blessed His name. I praised knowing that the mission trip is in the best of hands.

I trust that you will fulfil what you have promised. But even you don’t I know that you are still good. Even if you don’t, You are still the King of my heart.

Surely enough, God provided, more than I could ever imagine. A job came up and paid in advance to send in my deposit. There was a lent appeal for my mission trip at church where the giving was more than expected. I had sent out a newsletter and friends who I hadn’t met in a long time blessed me with finances. In the end, I didn’t just have enough, I had more than enough. So much that it paid for my travel insurance and my vaccinations.

My mustard seed had grown into a tree when I proclaimed who God was and that was needed for the seed needed to grow. So friend, let us take some time to think of a situation or a circumstance where you need a mustard seed size faith. Every time doubt creeps in, start watering that mustard seed of faith with the living water’s words. Soon, the seed will grow because we didn’t dig up what we planted in faith.

We are cheering for you!

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