Retreat on a Budget

Ladies, I went on my first retreat ever! The cherry on top was that my first retreat was a Chai retreat with Nikkita!

To those who may not know, a retreat is to withdraw from your routine and set aside time for God and is considered to be an important part of spiritual formation.

Nikkita and I have always talked about going away together and dreaming for Chai and one thing that always stopped us was finance. As an intern, I don’t get paid very much so big luxury like retreat needs forward planning.

This was until we decided to do a retreat on a budget and we did it! Here is how we did retreat on a budget:

Transport and accommodation were going to be our money eaters. So, we decided to retreat about six miles away from our Chai HQ. Our accommodation was a rare find on Airbnb to a cute (and cheap) room that had a big enough bed to fit us and our popcorn!

Retreat on a budget.png


Since it was a Chai retreat, we decided to spend the morning working in a coffee shop and grab a quick bite before checking in to our room and spending time with each other and with Jesus. Ladies, we cannot stress how easy it is to do retreats on a budget and the best part of it all is that we are intentionally setting aside a time for God to speak to us and for rest.

Nikkita and I went on a work retreat, but you can still do a solo retreat by yourself too! All you have to do is add an activity that you love/always want to do and take yourself on a date. If I was going to have a retreat on my own, I would book an Airbnb room like Nikkita and I did but instead of working in the morning, I would go take some time out to walk with alpacas – no joke, I’ve had that on my to-do list for about a year now! After that, I would do some exploring and then spending the evening with God in worship and allowing time for Him to speak.

A retreat does not have to be sitting in silence and waiting for a neon sign to pop up. God can speak to you through the things you love. If you love art, your retreat could be going to an art museum and spending the rest of the time making art. If you are a musician, an ideal retreat could be doing a gig at a local pub. God can use anything to reach out to you but we would recommend to also have some quiet time with the Lord.

Taking some out and getting out of your routine might be just what you need to retune yourself to God and hear Him in a different way.

So friend, what does your retreat look like?

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