Praying for Others

Girlfriend, if you are anything like me, you love to hold your friends and family in prayer and be a blessing to them. It’s great that we love to do it but it’s also a command to pray for people.

I urge then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people…


That means not just our friends and family who we see every day but those who are in positions of authority, our local MP’s, our policemen, our politicians who make big decisions, for everyone.

However, this is something I have struggled with. Although I love to hold people in prayer, I tend to forget, or I tend to go ‘Lord I pray for my mum…’ and not be very specific. It was only when I saw my friend pray for people that I started to act on it a different way.

My friend had a board where she had names of me and my friends who needed prayer and it was written like calligraphy and then on the bottom, she had three bullet points of prayer requests. She said every day when she showers, she would visualise the board and pray for everyone that needed prayer.

I adapted that technique and I made myself a list (I’m a list loving girl) on the back of my journal so that when I journal in my quiet times, I can pray for them. I make my way down the list and then I stay in that moment in case anyone comes to mind before I say amen!

How we pray for people changes as my season changes. My friend no longer has a prayer board, but she hasn’t stopped praying. Sometimes, I have a dry season and I don’t journal as often as I would like; in those seasons, I would write my friends little postcards or notes of encouragement. Just before I write the notes, I would take a moment to pray and listen to God for specific words of encouragement that could bless them. Knowing our G-daddy, he never fails to answer us. Sometimes, when I am stuck and I’m not sure what to specifically pray for, I ask God that His will be in done in their life, I ask that their heart be aligned to God’s and their hearts be sensitive to His voice.

Praying for others.png


Let’s be a generation that prays and prophesies for God’s kingdom to come on earth. Let’s pray for a generation that rises up and for our lips be filled with praise regardless of our circumstance. Let’s pray for our hearts to be softened and for our hearts to break for what breaks His. Let’s be a generation that holds each other in prayer, lifting each other up when they can’t lift their heads to see Jesus.

Who we are praying for and how we pray for them might change but we must never forget to pray in faith, pray with love and pray without ceasing.

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