5 Practical Ways to Listen to God

Girlfriend, I am that person, who for the longest time thought that God didn’t speak much. Or that if He was speaking, He wasn’t speaking to me or even worse, He didn’t have anything to tell me.

It took me a while to understand that God is always speaking but we our ears aren’t always tuned to hear Him or we walk away thinking that it wasn’t God.

So, let me help you out here, here is what I’ve learnt when trying to listen to God after I’ve prayed!

1)      Pray

I know, I know, it’s a cliché but I really think it’s cliché for a reason. There is something special when I pray at night in the dark when the whole house is asleep and at the end of my prayer, I pause. I pause for a while before I say amen and linger in that moment in case God wants to use that moment to speak to me.

Sometimes, there is nothing, sometimes, there is something.

I remember one night, I was praying and just before I said amen, I stilled my soul to wait for the Lord. In that moment, I was reminded of a friend who needs continual prayer. It was someone who I hadn’t prayed for in months and I felt like God wanted me to intercede for her, in that moment.

After praying, I waited again, in case God wanted to reveal more to me. In that moment, God and I sat in comfortable silence till I said amen.

I’ve learnt that in the silence of waiting and lingering, God is using that silence to tune our ears and heart to be sensitive to His voice.

2)      Read your bible.

Girlfriend, I heard this great quote from Justin Peters during a weekend away:

Want to hear God speak to you?
Read your Bible.

Want to hear God speak to you audibly?
Read it out loud.

I remember one Chai session when Nikkita and I were spending the afternoon planning and we pulled up a bible passage and as I was reading it out loud, my eyes started welling up because I was so in awe of our Lord. It was because I heard Him audibly (through my voice) tell me how much He loves me.

Sometimes, it is when I’m reading my Bible that the Lord would speak on something I’ve come to God in prayer.

3)      Talk to your inner circle.

Emphasis on inner circle, those who you trust – your accountability partners, mentors, sisters in Christ. For me, one of two things have happened when talking things through with my inner circle; God either confirms what I thought God was telling me or God challenges me to think differently through my inner circle. 

As a bonus, they can hold you in prayer, call you out when needed and intercede for you. Some of my biggest confirmations I’ve got from God was my accountability partner from my inner circle having a word for me.

4)      Walk with nature

When I went to Kenya in May, we were not only living on a mountain, but we got to see a bunch of other mountains as we walked to other villages. Every time I saw a mountain, I got major David vibes and I said, rather poetically: ‘I lift my eyes up to the mountain, where does my help come from?’

It must be noted that I was out of breath and not quite sure where else I could have got my strength from.

It’s the same when I hear the thunder roll and it reminds me just how powerful God is. When the gentle breeze sweep across my face, I remember how gentle my God is. When we go to the beach and I sing Oceans to myself, I remember that God is my rock and when I walk through river, He will not let them sweep over me. 

5 practical ways to listen to God.png


5)      Expect God to speak to you all the time.

I learnt that when God wants to speak to you, He can use anything and everything.

A couple of years ago, I kept seeing and hearing the idea that God will raise the dead to life. It has been a recurring theme that has been popping up - from songs to Instagram posts and Grey’s Anatomy.

Yup. Grey’s Anatomy. There was an episode where they talked about the Lazarus’ Syndrome and this woman who was dead came back to life. I bet God was laughing because He first used the story of Lazarus in the Bible to talk to me about the dead coming back to life and now that my TV show was reminding me of that was something I will always be in awe of.

I learnt that God always speaks. Sometimes it’s through the fun stuff like TV shows or songs but it’s also through the ordinary like chatting with a friend who will affirm a talent in you that God is telling you to use even though it terrifies you.

We would love to hear how God has spoken to you in the past before. Let us know in the comments below!

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